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Friday, October 13
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Wednesday, October 12 - Official opening
Thursday, October 12
Friday, October 13
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At the USM University Campus


09.00—09.30   Prof. Dr. Yegin HABTES (UVI, US Virgin Islands): Changing Times – Creating Inclusive Schools

                            Moderator: Ms. Sharon FREIBURG (USM Head of Education Dept.)

09.30—10.00    Nicole N. PARRIS (UWI, St Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago): Thinking Critically about Critical Thinking and its Implementation at the UWI

                            Moderator: Ms. Sharon FREIBURG (USM Head of Education Dept.)

10.00—10.30    Dr. Marilyn ROBB (UWI, Trinidad & Tobago): Social and Emotional Learning: Is it the missing piece in our schools?

                            Moderator: Ms. Sharon FREIBURG (USM Head of Education Dept.)

10.30—10.45    Break

10.45—11.15     Prof. Dr. Christian POSTHOFF (UWI, St Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago): Computer Science as one Foundation of (Higher) Education

                            Moderator: Ms. Marcellia HENRY (USM Task Manager New Teacher Training)

11.15—11.45      Emmanuel ROYSTON (Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, St Lucia): The Integration Of Information & Communication Technology In Education In St. Lucia: Evaluating Teacher Training In ICT Use

                            Moderator: Ms. Marcellia HENRY (USM Task Manager New Teacher Training)

12.00—13.30    Lunch

13.30—14.00    Dr. June GEORGE (UWI, St Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago): What science? The question of relevance of school science curricula for developing countries

                            Moderator: Mrs. Josianne FLEMING-ARTSEN (USM President)

14.00—14.30    Dr. Rene MONTEIL (UTT Executive Director, Trinidad & Tobago): The University of Trinidad and Tobago: a model for stimulating national and regional development

                            Moderator: Mrs. Josianne FLEMING-ARTSEN (USM President)

14.30—14.45    Break

14.45—15.15     Dr. Francio GUADELOUPE (Head of the Research and Publication Dept., USM, St. Martin, Netherlands Antilles): What the Tamarind Tree Whispers: notes on a pedagogy of tragedy

                            Moderator: Dr. Maria CIJNTJE-VAN ENCKEVORT (USM Dean of Academic Affairs)

15.15—15.30     Break

15.30—16.00    Concluding address by Dr. Maria CIJNTJE—VAN ENCKEVORT (USM Dean of Academic Affairs, St. Martin, Netherlands Antilles)

16.00—16.30    General discussion - Organizing Committee

16.30—17.30     Reception

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