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Free public lectures - Tuesday, October 10

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Free public lectures - Tuesday, October 10
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These two lectures are open to the whole community and free of charge.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006 - Cultural Center - Backstreet


18.30                      Prof. Dr. Zellynne JENNINGS-CRAIG (UWI, Jamaica): 

                                Educating our teachers in the Caribbean

                                Moderator: Patricia ARRINDELL (USM Head of Language Dept.)

19.15                      Question time

19.30                      Break

19.40                      Prof. Dr. Marc DEPAEPE (KULEUVEN, Kortrijk, Belgium):

                                Progressive education: an alternative or an illusion?  About the implementation of educational innovation in Belgium and elsewhere

                                Moderator: Quincy HARRIGAN (Head of Education Dept., St Martin, N.A.)

20.25                      Question time

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