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Conference Poem
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By Lenworth WILSON Jr.
"Da def poet"
USM student - Education

“Educate Me”


Educate me, emancipate me, now hate me cause I’m not what you thought you created me to be...


Education has been the social tool, seeking to give meaning to our existence. “Boy go get your education so u can be somebody”.

Such a subtle tool used by the slave-masters and colonizers as they figured that this way… they wouldn’t get no resistance.

So they rape our thoughts and inject their indoctrination of superior relations, triggering an outbreak of segregation throughout my block, my town and even this wanna-be global nation.


And yet… We embrace education


Some of us use our education just to feed and caress our grand egos

Then sit around an office desk 18 hours a-day fantasizing about the Ritz Carlton and the Grand Lidos

Never getting a chance to know nor even peradventure to fulfill our telos

Trying to find the meaning of life while straying further and further away from our true purpose


And yet… We embrace education


“Education is the key to a thriving economy”, that’s what the politicians say

And of course they’re right… cause the more education you get is the more taxes you pay.

Calculus, Ecology, Statistics, Psychology, Accounting, Philosophy, History, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Technology

All this knowledge gained just to make sure that the society would acknowledge me

Acknowledging a piece of paper, rather than what truly makes us who we be.


And yet… We embrace education.


You show me a man liberated by education and I’ll show you a man enslaved by indoctrination.

Prisoners of philosophical ideals conjured up by matters of religious damnation.

Brainwashing us to think that we are being elevated by this brainwashing,

Then they leave us stuck in unemployment lines and make us redundant by employing machines.

Say they’re cutting cost of labor while the cost of education is constantly on the increase


And yet… We embrace education.


Certificates, Associates, Bachelors, Masters and Doctorates degree

Propelled by self-imposed ambitions of what they want us to be

So we all wanna go to college and get into the Ivy League university

Not to be enlightened but to see what they want us to see.

Now I’m a rebel without a rebellion ‘cause I’m still paying the fee.

But this poem proves that in my mind I am free… so now I can say

You educate me, emancipate me, now hate me cause I’m not what you thought you created me to be...