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Here is some information about us.

Work Experience

1. Education
Dr. S. Sergio Scatolini Apóstolo and Drs. Milton George are both graduates from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium.
They have a background in Theology, Education and English. For more info, go to their personal webpages:
2. Translations
- For Broederlijk Delen (NGO), Belgium: several projects from English and Dutch into Spanish.
- For Prof. Marc Depaepe (KULeuven, Belgium): articles, from Dutch into Spanish.
- For other NGO's: sponsoring projects, from English into Spanish.
3. Courses
- English and Spanish: at Patronaat, Paramaribo, Suriname.
- English: St Michael's Parish, 10th of Ramadan, Egypt.
- Conversational Dutch: Pangaia, Leuven, Belgium.
- Conversational Spanish: Pangaia, Leuven, Belgium.
- Computer literacy course: at Patronaat, Paramaribo, Suriname, and in Sint Maarten, Netherlands Antilles.
4. Conferences
- Education in the Caribbean: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. A local imperative in a global context. Together with the University of St. Martin For details, see:
5. Curriculum Design
- For VSBO / PSVE Schools in Sint Maarten, Netherlands Antilles: "Mens en Maatschappij" ("Man and Society").
- For the Anton de Kom University, Paramaribo, Suriname: we have partially contributed as consultants to the development of a textbook for "Medical Ethics".
6. Expert Advice and Assistance
- For AVIMO (Media Developer), Belgium: on several projects for a Video series about the Sacraments.
- For the Sint Michael's Parish, 10th of Ramadan, Egypt: about setting up sponsoring programmes for the education of children with limited financial means.
7. Editing
- For research projects: advice was given to several tertiary education students (BA, MA and PhD) on their research projects and edited BA and MA theses.
8. Business consultancy
- For Skwala N.V.: this young entrepreneur was adviced on how to set up a new business.

Backup Team
Whenever a project requires further expertise, Consultants 2006 Consultoría will call upon an associated international network of qualified people who will contribute to the realization of the task.
Our Philosophy

"An organization's culture determines the results it achieves. (...) Culture is made up of experiences, beliefs, actions and results. Experiences foster beliefs. Beliefs drive actions. Actions produce results. Results become new experiences. Every organization, every group of people, has a culture. The only question is whether or not that culture is effective today and can produce the results that you need now and in the future."
"La cultura de una organizacion determina los resultados que ella logre. (...) La cultura esta compuesta de experiencias, creencias, acciones y resultados. Las experiencias promueven las creencias. Las creencias motivan las acciones. Las acciones producen los resultados. Los resultados se convierten en nuevas experiencias. Toda organizacion, todo grupo de gente, tiene una cultura. Lo que uno debe preguntarse es si esa cultura es de veras eficaz hoy, y si va a poder producir los resultados que necesitas en este momento y en el futuro".
Roger Connors & Tom Smith, Journey to Emerald City, 8 & 24.

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Dr. S. Sergio Scatolini Apóstolo & Drs. Milton George