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News "Conference Education in the Caribbean: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. A Local Imperative in a Global Context". Date: 11-12-13 October, 2006. Venue: Sint Maarten, Netherlands Antilles.

These are the services that we provide:

1. We do Dutch - English - Spanish translations.

2. We offer seminars, courses and workshops concerning:

a) Educational issues: history of education, pedagogy, didactics, comparative education etc.

b) Interreligious affairs: Christianity, Comparative Religions, Islam, Spirituality, Liturgical and Biblical training etc.

c) Basic computer literacy and skills: Word, Internet, E-mail, PowerPoint.

3. We develop Curricula, Textbooks, Manuals etc. for schools and other educational institutions.

4. We offer language training: English - Dutch - Spanish. 5. We can set up and deliver social integration courses ("begeleiding bij inburgeringstrajecten").


Contact address in the Dutch Caribbean:
Peach Road #2, App. 1
South Reward
Sint Maarten
Nederlandse Antillen
Tel. +599 - 524 0304
Contact address in Belgium
Waversebaan 74
3001 Heverlee
Tel. +32 - (0)496 - 497935

Our services are both community-oriented
and tailored to suit your individual needs.
They will all be designed in consultation with you.

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